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Connor Elsdon, Masters Head Coach

Connor Elsdon started rowing in 2006 when he noticed that he had no girlfriend and that there were way more girls than boys on the Vic High rowing team. It worked out in the end as he met his eventual wife about 3 months later.

He worked as the Head Coach for Victoria High School for ten years, and as the Jr. B and assistant masters coach for GRPC for three years.

He started on as the Head Masters Coach for the Gorge Narrows in 2014, and it's been nothing but good times since.


Alex Walker – Juniors Head Coach

Alex Walker began rowing as a novice right here at the gorge in 2007. Rowing took him to a successful career as a Uvic lightweight and then on the the U23 and senior national team. After suffering a herniated disc in 2014, he has returned to the gorge to give back to his community as a coach.

His passion as a coach is teaching the fundamentals of power application from a position of posture as well as understanding the relationship between boat and body weight.


Lisa Tschannen - Para-Coach

In the early 2000s, Lisa Tschannen, a washed-up volleyball player, started rowing in an attempt to get the endorphin fixes she craved after her ankles had vetoed any activity that included running or jumping. About a year into her rowing career, her pushy coach said something like, “You’ve coached before. I need you.” There was no turning her down, and the adventure had begun.

Lisa has spent the time since then translating in her head all the platitudes, metaphors, and clichés she learned in physical therapy school and volleyball coaches’ clinics into platitudes, metaphors, and clichés that work for rowers; and amassing foul weather gear.

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